On Site Copy and Scanning Services in Boca Raton Florida
Boca Raton Copy Services
We offer copy and scanning services in Boca Raton Florida
All cities and locations are traveled to by our professional certified staff.
On Site Copying and Scanning Services are confidential and secure.
Our services are performed at Medical Offices, Courthouses, Government Facilities, Law Offices, Financial Institutions and Business Locations
A Copying and Scanning Support Service for those who need storage of a large amount of files or who need files copied.

Boca Raton Document Scanning Services
A. C. E., Inc. Scanning and Copy services has extensive experience in scanning and copying paper documents throughout South Florida. We provide these services either on-site or at our state-of-the art conversion facility. Our experienced staff and professional grade equipment will insure your scanning project is a success.

Boca Raton Focus on Quality

Our focus on quality starts with the listening to your needs and planning of your project. Experienced project managers will work with your to determine the special requirements of your project. All of our services are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout the process. Our scanners and copiers are equipped with advanced equipment and back up capabilities to ensure quality and dependability.

Boca Raton Experience Counts

We have been in  business for over 12 years and have scanned and copied millions of pages. We are ready to bring this experience to you and apply our experience to your specific project needs.

Onsite Copy and Scanning Services

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Florida Private Investigation License Number: A9900347

 Personalized Scanning and Copy Services in Boca Raton Florida

Files and Records Copy and Scan Procurement Services  in Boca Raton

Telephone: 561 / 447 / 7638
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Welcome to A. C. E., Copy and Scanning Services, your answer for record procurement and storage!

A. C. E Copy and Scan Services provides the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for your record procurement and storage needs. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and we consistently provide service that is above and beyond our competition.

When using A. C. E. Copy and Scan services you will enjoy quick request turnaround times and accurate, professional document production in either electronic and/or hard-copy format. We exist to improve your business and we look forward to serving you.

A. C. E., copy and scan services stores Medical, Financial, Confidential, Business and Legal document production images on CD-ROM disks for our clients requiring longer term storage, file management and the reduction of storage space. Our service allows clients the opportunity to obtain additional copies of these documents for disbursement to expert witnesses, Third party providers, Insurance companies, opposing counsels or others without the expense of recopying these needed files.

Record Procurement Services:
A. C. E. works frequently with the following court systems:
Florida Circuit Court, Broward and Palm Beach County only
Florida District Court, Broward and Palm Beach County only
Florida Probate Court, Broward and Palm Beach County only
Florida Southern District (Federal) Court

Types of records regularly produced, copied and or scanned include:
Medical Records
Employment Records
Insurance Records
Pharmacy Records
Banking Records
Academic Records & Transcripts
Telephone Records
Financial Records
Lawyer and Attorney Files
Education Records
Real Estate Documents
Mortgage Documents
Court Files

Industries and Professions we offer our copy and scanning services to:
Accounting and Tax Offices  
  Agencies & 508 Compliance
  Applications & Claims
  Brokerage, Mortgage & Compliance
  Businesses and Local Merchants
  Compliance & R&D
  Corporate Offices
  Executive Suites
  Financial Services
  General & Specialty
  Knowledge Management
  Litigation, Case & Transaction|
  Management Companies
  Mortgage Companies
  Office Records
  Operations, Support & Compliance
  Project Records
  Records, Research & Development
  Real Estate Offices
  Subpoena Compliance Employment Records
  Subpoena Compliance - Medical Records Copied
  Subpoena Compliance - Financial Records
  Title Companies

Document and Records Management to help you succeed.

We understand that records management may not be the first thing that you think about everyday, but it is always the first thing that we think about, which is why we've been trusted by hundreds of companies to address their document management needs.

We offer document scanning services, on site and off-site document storage, copying and document management in general . It's our goal to help organizations reduce costs, improve efficiency, and start to deliver on the promise of the paperless office. Our services address all of your records management needs, so that you can focus on creating value for your business.

Outsourced Document Scanning and Copy Services
Document Scanning Projects usually begin the same way. It seems easy enough to convert paper using a scanner, but the truth is that there's a lot more that goes into the scanning process. Our Services alleviate your headaches and let you rely on our team to handle your document imaging needs.

If you're looking to outsource your Document Scanning, our services can help support your imaging project and provide you with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing equipment, training staff, and doing the work yourself. Learn more about our Document Conversion services and how they can help your business.

Medical Records Scanning Services
Medical Records Scanning Services help Healthcare practices prepare for the transition to the Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, by scanning Patient Charts into digital images that can be searched and retrieved with just a few mouse clicks.

For the practice, the Results are Improved Patient Care and Reduced Operating Costs without the burden of purchasing equipment or hiring additional staff. Our combination of Outsourced Document Scanning and File Storage with Scan On Demand provides you with lower costs and helps to accelerate you return on investment. Find out how our Medical Records Scanning Services can help your practice today.

Not Sure where to Start your Document Scanning Project?
Document Scanning Services allow you to outsource the document imaging process to a third party. With A. C. E., Inc. Copy Services, we handle all of the document preparation, scanning, indexing, and quality control processes and deliver you back a series of images and text files that can be utilized and accessed easily.

What about Pricing? How much do Document Scanning Services Cost?
We offer our services on a special project basis and usually a price per image basis. This price is inclusive of all of the functions related to converting your files, mainly to a Pdf file. Typically our document scanning price ranges between $.25 to $.80 per page, but pricing is variable based on a number of different factors, including: Volume - The total number of pages, images, or documents that you need to have scanned. Document Preparation Difficulty - How many staples, tears, clips, etc. are in your files determine the Document Preparation Difficulty, and ultimately have an impact on the price.

Indexing Criteria - What keywords are required to be manually entered to allow you to find your images?
Turnaround Time - How quickly do the services need to be performed?
If you can provide a clear idea of these metrics, we can usually provide you with a pretty accurate price per image. Also, we always accept sample jobs so that we can both be more comfortable with the specific requirements of your job. Contact us for a Quote on your Scanning Project to find out more about this process.

Paper Scanning Services - Outsourced Paper Scanning

A. C. E., Inc. Records Management provides paper scanning services for businesses of all sizes, and we specialize in converting Paper Records by scanning them in to digital images for fast, easy access and retrieval.  Do you have a Ton of Paper Documents to scan? Don't have the manpower to keep up with your daily paper scanning requirements?
Not a problem! Our high-volume scanning services will help capture all of your paper and turn it into images. Let us take your stacks, or rooms of paper documents and start you on the road to the paperless office.

You no longer need to rifle through a File Cabinet to Find the document you're looking for. A. C. E., Inc.  paper scanning services will create high quality images from your paper documents and then provide access to this information from anywhere, at anytime.

In many ways, paper is one of the most polarizing ways to store and retrieve information. It's easy to use, cost effective, and widely available - it also doesn't require any electricity or special machinery to read it's contents. On the other hand, it is static, meaning that it's not easy to update or change, and it's inefficient to store, as it requires significantly more space than other types of information media.

In many Cases, you're not just looking to scan "Paper", but specific Business Documents. That's why we offer services specifically to address the following needs:
 Accounts Payable Scanning Services
 Client case File Scanning
 Consumer Loan Scanning
 Court Records Scanning
 Financial Records Scanning
 Human Resource File Scanning
 Medical Records Scanning
 Proof Of Delivery Scanning
 Real Estate Data Scanning
 Mortgage Loan Scanning

We at A. C. E., Inc. copy services want to satisfy all your scanning conversion needs: patient charts, litigation and case files, lease agreements, fleet maintenance history,  import/export documentation, student records, checks, invoices, receipts, and tax forms, among others. Furthermore, we have the experience, technology, and expertise to handle special requests. No job is too small or large.

While big national document scanning service organizations align themselves to limited vertical markets, we cater to the mainstream Palm Beach County and Broward County businesses looking for a confidential, secured, and inexpensive way to digitalize paper-based information.

The key benefits to our customers are:

Disaster Recovery Complement - by having good quality scanned images of your valuable documents, you can always store these images in an off-site location and replicate (i.e., print) the original in the event of an unforeseen calamity

Office Space Savings - once archived documents are scanned, there is no reason to have them occupying an expensive office space; in many cases, the original documents can be shredded, and in others they can be moved to economical warehouses; one way or another, you are able to reclaim an otherwise expensive dead file storage area

Office Automation Boost - the highly efficient way to store, access, and distribute the resulting computer files gives your staff and yourself the ability to quickly review and print part or all of a document, as well as sending it via e-mail or fax (depending on your office automation tools).

Low Cost Professional Document Scanning - even thought our equipment and scanning processes are as good (if not better) than big scanning organizations, we offer very low prices since our operational overhead is but a fraction of our competitors

100% Local Palm Beach County and Broward Country Florida Operations - we have all our equipment and personnel in Boca Raton Florida. We do all document scanning and processing in our local facility, unlike some other scanning service organization that outsource jobs to external outfits

Document Scanning and Copying - we'll not pressure you with add-on selling tactics, since we do not sell hardware, nor software, nor other IT services. Document Scanning is all we do. Nonetheless, if you ever have a need along these lines, we can suggest trusted IT companies that do fulfill these orders

Quick Turnaround - we normally pickup, process, and deliver jobs between 1 and 5 days depending on the volume and any special customer requirements. We'll work with you to accommodate your timing needs

Free Pick-up and Delivery - we'll pickup and deliver at no charge on any volume order. Alternatively, you can drop-off your order at our site, but please call first to arrange for your visit. We are not a store-front operation, but a fully dedicated scanning site

Tight Quality Control - as our existing customers know already, our quality is unsurpassed in South Florida. In order to achieve this degree of quality, our scanning process include the following in all our jobs: visually examining each scanned image for readability, having several check-and-balances points to assure all sheets have been captured, regularly maintaining our scanners, and testing the final CDs (or DVDs) for operability

After the Sale Support - once we delivery the job, we will show you how to load, manipulate, and print the images in your PC. If you have a technical staff, we'll be glad to meet with them to coordinate the loading and fully testing the images on your network

Security - actively engaging in robust security practices, we have implemented key policies to protect both our customers' interests as well as our own assets: all our computers have up-to-date anti-virus software, our Internet access is through a firewall, and our facility is kept under key at all times

Strict Privacy - we retain no records of customer's processed documents; once we deliver a job, the customer (and only the customer) has all the original records and the computer images.

Please, give us a call and we will give you a free estimate of the work. Per your request, we'll also provide a free sample scan using one or more of your most representative sample documents. We look forward to have you as a customer.

Hire A. C. E., Inc. scanning and copy service to keep back ups of the valuable documents.

West Palm Beach  and Broward County Florida document scanning solution of A. C. E., Inc. Copy and Scanning Service is an effective way to capture and store huge volume of documentation that you use everyday. Scanning is also required to process, modify and work on the document that is stored in digital file format. Living at this digital age, you can not keep copies of each and every document you need in future. That is why electronic data storage has become so popular among the companies. Standard scanning machines that are generally used at the offices are not sufficient for scanning millions of documents. For that you need dedicated scanners as well as experienced professionals, who can handle the scanning jobs according to your requirement.

At A. C. E., Inc. Copy Service, we have the latest and high tech scanners that will produce best quality images of your documents. We are capable of handling high volume and complex scanning projects. The scanning of the documents is done by expert technicians under the guidance of a supervisor. The scanning is done with top quality scanners using both, the CCD as well as drum scanners.

Before we start scanning and copying your documents we set up the parameters like the image key, page name, bates number format, file naming formats and field specifications to maintain a proper order of the documents. We also include folder text, binder text, exhibit numbers, and labels, optical mark recognition (OMR), so that the data can be easily searched.

Once the scanning job is done, our technicians will thoroughly review the whole project to see if there is any mistake in the documents. In fact, they will check and compare each and every scanned document with the original to make sure that there is no discrepancy between them. The review is also done to eliminate the chances of missed pages of jumbled up documentation. So, at the end of it all, you can more than sure of getting 100% error free electronic files of the documents you have.

At A. C. E., Inc., you will get comprehensive Palm Beach and Broward County  Florida document scanning service. Feel free to call us at (561) 447-7638 to learn more about our services. Questions? Email us at,  info@aceFLA.com

To scan anything and everything you have, simply hire West Palm Beach Florida document scanning packages of A. C. E., Inc. Copy and Scanning Services.

Archived Records, Law Offices, Real Estate and Mortgage firms, Medical Records, Environmental Reports, Engineering firms, Insurance companies, Banks, Contracts, Human Resources, School Districts, Training Manuals, Technical Reports ...Virtually any type of office!

You can also Ship Your Documents To Us For Quick and Easy Retrieval on CD

A. C. E., Inc. copy and scanning has your solution!
Document scanning and copying can save you time and money. No more lost or misplaced documents. Free up valuable storage space! Use PDF conversions to distribute combinations of scanned documents and digital files in presentation format.

A. C. E., Inc. is an affordable document scanning and copy service company that provides outsource document scanning and imaging services. We specialize in creating interactive PDF files for distribution, backup, easy searching, and portability.

A. C. E., Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art document imaging equipment, and advanced scanning, file management, and optical character recognition (OCR) software. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable document scanning and conversion services!

Your documents can be archived exactly as they appear on paper in portable document format (PDF), can be made searchable, or can be scanned with OCR and exported as editable Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Word documents translated to PDF can incorporate scanned images, sidebar bookmarks, and imbedded hypertext links to other documents or web sites.

Virtually any type of document can be converted into an electronic file. Any business can benefit from using electronic documents. Contact us to discuss how your business can take advantage of our document scanning and imaging services. A document imaging specialist will be happy to assist you!

Document Scanning - Converting your paper into electronic documents has many advantages. You save the cost of storage space, filing/retrieval time, and lost/misfiled documents. Your company will benefit from increased productivity.

Scan to Adobe Acrobat PDF format - This is our most requested and affordable service. Scanned pages can be saved as exact copies of the originals, or be made searchable with hidden text. Documents can be viewed using Adobe's free Reader.

A. C. E., Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers. While at A. C. E., Inc., your files are not accessible to the general public, nor to anyone that is not directly associated with completing your project. We are HIPPA compliant and will never divulge any information present on your documents.

A. C. E., Inc. has been retained to scan confidential information for a variety of governmental and private-sector clients, including the U.S. Government, Attorneys, Physicians, Mortgage and Real Estate Firms, Schools, Investigation Agencies, Process Serving Businesses, Financial Institutions, and other clients requiring the strictest level of confidentiality.

Furthermore, A. C. E., Inc. agrees to hold all information that is communicated to us by our customers in strict confidence; to not use the confidential information for our own benefit or the benefit of others, except as may be otherwise authorized in writing by our customers; and not to disclose, distribute or disseminate the confidential information or documents in any way to any third party. A. C. E., Inc. shall take steps no less rigorous than those we take to protect our own proprietary information and by no less than reasonable means to prevent the disclosure and to protect the confidentiality of the confidential information.

The Scanning Solution
Many businesses find paper records an increasing problem. 90% of records are still on paper with volumes continuing to multiply. Storage and retrieval of vital records are growing concerns.

Scanning saves storage space and costs:
Consider these estimates,

1 four-drawer file cabinet = approx. 10,000 pages = 1 CD
4 storage boxes (12x15x10) = approx. 10,000 pages = 1 CD

Converting your paper into electronic format has many benefits. Productivity increases as your documents are readily available from a PC. No more searching through file cabinets, file rooms, or warehouses. Your documents are literally at your fingertips.

Converting to electronic storage reduces lost files and misfiled documents. It allows you to save valuable storage space.

Sharing electronic documents is effortless across your company's network, intranet, or the internet. Multiple users can access the same documents simultaneously through e-mail and fax. You save copying costs and time.

Scanning preserves documents that would otherwise deteriorate on paper. It reduces handling of fragile paper.

CD's provide safe, secure storage of your documents. CD copies make effective offsite backups and archival storage of vital records. Files become portable for home office and business travel.

Advantages of Electronic Documents

 Document editing if captured through OCR
 Efficient archival of records
 Effortless distribution
 Fast, easy retrieval from any PC
 Fewer lost/misfiled documents
 Portability for home office or travel
 Save on storage costs and space
 Share across network, intranet, internet
 Space Reduction
 Transmit via E-mail and Fax
 Increased productivity

Any type of business can benefit from electronic documents. Virtually any type of document can be scanned and converted into an electronic file. Converting your paper into electronic format makes your documents more secure, more valuable, and more versatile.

Contact Us
A. C. E., Inc. Copy and Scanning Service is your affordable outsource scanning service agency. We are committed to quality. Let us assist you in determining the best imaging format for your business. Contact us to discuss your scanning needs.

Free pick-up and delivery in Broward and Palm Beach County Florida

Why Document Imaging?
Have you ever spent 20 minutes locating, copying, and sending out a document? Would you like to cut that time down to only two minutes or less? How much does it cost to pay an office worker to find and copy documents? If that time could be better spent, we should meet.

Does this sound like your office?
Consider this estimate,
10 employees file 10 documents each per day = 100 documents
Each file takes three minutes to file = Five hours per day
At $15 per hour per employee and 20 work days per month the cost is a staggering $1500 per month
Reducing this time by 75% and paying someone to scan 20 hours monthly can save you up to $9,900 per year!

A. C. E., Inc. offers solutions as a local and regional provider of Electronic Document Management, Scanning and workflow services. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry we offer robust yet inexpensive and flexible solutions. Providing return on investment, enhanced productivity and continuity is our goal with every client. Since 1997 we have helped enable paperless processes and business process streamlining with a personal touch. Get powered by paperless today!

Document Scanning Outsourcing in Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida

Take back the wasted space, time, and money it costs
creating, filing, finding, refilling, and storing paper document
All the benefits of digital document management with none of the risks of
doing it yourself. No investment in scanners, scanning software, or technical training is involved
when you outsource.

Benefits of Outsourcing
1. 100% document integrity with digital imaging
2. Simple searching with indexing customized to
your needs.
3. Print, copy, and e-mail digital documents from
your desktop.
4. No re-filing, saving time and potential errors
5. Instant access to your archives saved as digital files
6. Customized access levels for security of
sensitive information
7. Technical Support provided
8. More time for the real work of your business
9. Quality control of the process ensures high
standards of excellence... from Day 1

A Clear Choice!

1. No Capital Investment in equipment or
2. No new staffing cost
3. Eliminate paper filing and re-filing
4. Free up office space used for file storage.
5. No space needed for scanning and
conversion process
6. Your information remains confidential with
access restricted if desired
7. Secure file destruction at our facility

A. C. E., Inc Document Scanning Services Help Eliminate Paper
Many slow, inefficient organizational processes start with an over-reliance on paper records. Outsourcing your document scanning service requirements to an expert can greatly reduce paper as part of your business workflow, delivering big savings to the bottom line. Even if eliminating paper all together is still a long-term goal, an effective document scanning service can save your knowledge workers time and work to modernize your organizational processes.

We offer Solutions and services to  the following professions:
Human Resources - Accounts Payable - Medical Records - Pension Benefits - Financial - Insurance - Mortgage / Title - Government - Manufacturing - Transportation - Education - Legal - Government - Law Enforcement - Investigators - Legal Support Services - Realtors

A. C. E., Inc Imaging's document scanning services stand apart with:

Professionals with proven processes who will protect your original documents
HIPAA-compliant security protects your sensitive records; A. C. E., Inc. is trusted by businesses and government agencies with highly confidential records
On-site document scanning services available if your records cannot leave your site.

Reduced and Elimination of risk:
A. C. E., Inc. has been in the document scanning service business for over 10 years and offers:
Up-to-date document scanning service technology
Document scanning service preparation that includes sorting, removal of staples, clips, binding, etc.
Document scanning services typically involve the one-time paper-to-digital conversion of your vital organizational records, preserving them forever. Do it once and do it right with a Local Florida document scanning service provider that has been around for over 10 years, has an experienced staff with deep technical talent and the most up-to-date document scanning technologies. Select A. C. E., Inc. Imaging Systems for your document scanning service project.

What are the most popular files you copy?

 Birth/Death Certificates
 Courthouse Files
 Financial Records
 Marriage & Divorce Records
 Medical Records
 Patient Records
 Probate Records
 Property Records
 Transcripts of Court Hearings and Trials

* Some exceptions to not obtaining file copies and or causing delays are ALWAYS possible, i.e. files not available for viewing as the file could be with a Judge or J. A., lost, misplaced, held in privacy and or in the possession of another person. If the file is not available for viewing or copying it will not be as a result of our efforts. Our time representing your request is paid for regardless of the result of services attempted

Marriage Certificate Copies
Felony Records
Misdemeanor Records
Traffic Records
Divorce Records
Notice of Appeal
Affidavit of Service
Return of Service
Foreclosure Documents
Eviction Documents

We operate a wide range of legal services websites to assist our clients with the best information about Process Serving, Court Filings, Court Case Copying Retrieval and Legal Courier Services. We are also a Licensed Private Investigation Agency with unlimited investigative capabilities to assist in the discovery process and or locating witnesses, heirs and or defendants. Our legal support businesses involve an extensive range of legal support services involving service of process, consulting, advisory, finding missing people, locating defendants and witnesses and courthouse services. Our websites are designated specifically to allow visitors to gain an insight into the world of Service of Process and Investigation Services. Of course we hope you use our specialized services, but if you don't, feel free to access any one or all of our websites. All service offerings are confidential and are bound by strict corporate privacy policies governed by and bound to State and Federal Laws.

All information received is confidential and we do not store, save or retain any email addresses or create cookies. All information is secured on our own server and is not available for public use or commercial use.
 If you have legal questions concerning your particular matter it is best you call an Attorney. We do not offer any advice. If you need an Attorney, email us and we will refer one to you. If you are an Attorney or are employed by an Attorney we ask that you make sure you are aware of applicable laws that govern your request. We operate under the laws of the state of Florida and, where applicable, Federal law. All Service of process services are governed by the laws of the issuing jurisdiction.
We do, however, offer confidential services which involve a wide range of outsourced services to the Legal, Medical, Financial and Business Professionals.

Strictly confidential and 100% Reliable. If you are an Attorney we hope you realize we are a nationwide leading provider of legal services and can also offer you an opportunity to have your site listed on any one or all of our sites, provided you are a client first.

We do not and cannot offer any advice and nothing within our pages should be utilized to make final decisions. If you are an Attorney, Corporate Professional and or a Paralegal we ask you consider us as a reliable resource for all your outsourced support service needs.

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Solutions Florida is a personalized service provider. A Concierge Service specializing in providing everyday solutions to all day challenges at home or in the office.

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Nationwide Process Services -  Service Request Telephone Number: 561. 447. 7638
Process Serving Services  - Service Request by  Email:, please click here info@AceFLA.com

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